Anonymous Hacktivist Threats To Expose Donald Trump Ties With Russian Mobster

President-elect Donald Trump has been facing a lot of controversies days before his administration begins, not only because of the intelligence agencies´ report but also because of the fact that several members of the Democratic party won´t assist his first day as the new U.S. chief of state. However, things got worse for the Republican, given the fact that Anonymous hacktivist is threatening to expose alleged ties between him and the Russian mobster.

Anonymous Made Delicate Accusations Against Donald Trump

According to the International Business Times, it´s known that this organization previously warned that it would publish delicate information about Donald Trump during the presidential campaign after he said that one of his main decisions once he got to the presidency, would be to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Nevertheless, Anonymous kept quite during this period, but now it has stated through one of its primary Twitter accounts that he will regret his decision in the next four years and claimed that Trump has strong connections with the Russian mobster, money launderers and child traffickers. Also, the hacktivist group mentioned that the information isn´t going to vanish, but it didn't provide any kind of evidence that proves these delicate assertions about the president-elect.

Trump Is One Of The Most Controversial Politicians In The US History

As reported by Mirror, the attack came after Donald Trump tweeted that CIA chief John Brenna could have been the leaker of fake news. Of course, Trump referred the fake news on the report written by former British spy Christopher Steele, which alleges that the Republican had a major role in the DNC hack and that he paid some prostitutes in Moscow to perform a "golden shower" between each other.

Although it´s not known what could happen, the truth is that Donald Trump has become in just a few months one of the most controversial figures in America´s history, In fact, if Anonymous´ accusations end up being true, it would be a political scandal bigger than Watergate.

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