Microsoft Windows 10 Is Getting An Ebook Store

It seems like the Windows 10 Store will not be filled with just apps and games anymore. According to Microsoft, the new version of Windows 10, dubbed Creators Edition, will be having its very own e-book store, equipped with thousands of titles ready to shake the inner bookworm in its users.

Microsoft tried its hand in digital bookselling before and there are hints that its latest software will be venturing on it again. A bookselling section features seem to be in a leaked build of the Windows 10 update for phones. Microsoft said, during a press conference, that the company would begin providing the Creators Edition once April this year starts.

The MSPowerUser website showed a shop window for ebooks that is intended to be integrated into the Windows Store which will be available across all platforms, including PC and mobile devices. The news seemed to have been received positively by publishers, but higher ups say that they haven't attempted yet to reach out for supplies.

"The more competition in the field, the better," says Andrew Franklin who is the managing director of Profile Books.

Microsoft hinted that the leak may just be there to see if it would gain significant public interest. It is not the first time Microsoft has been linked to digital bookselling. Barnes & Noble was in talks with Microsoft about distributing a B&N's app which never happened due to the former shutting in down. From then on Microsoft seemed to have been avoiding the e-reader app market.

Windows 10 Creators Edition is already pumped up with its anticipated Game Broadcasting for Microsoft Window, MyPeople application, greater DX-12 compatibility, an enhanced Paint 3D, and the ability to work within a VR environment. Therefore, taking in a new bookstore app shouldn't really be a big addition.

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