If Not For This, Final Fantasy XV Would Have Been A Failure

By Alvin Elfwine , Jan 20, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Square Enix has shown to the world again its prowess in developing games, thanks to its tentpole flagship Final Fantasy XV. It holds true that the franchise continues to evolve with each installment. From having complex yet interesting characters to distinguishable storylines, the latest title is simply of excellence. While most will agree that it's an exceptional game in the series, there are those who won't. But really, what made FFXV acquire good reception? Why is it that despite the neck-deep competition, it still soars high?

According to Highsnobiety, all of the success Final Fantasy XV is experiencing all boils down to the kind of marketing the studio did. Apparently, the people behind the game are aware of the different trends and whatnots within the industry. Otherwise, it would be possible for the title to make it to the top.

Final Fantasy XV makers reportedly utilized a wide-range of clever PR stunts. And of course, this already includes the different marketing techniques they applied while doing so. The names of Ariana Grande, Audi and Jamie Oliver are just few of the strategies they used to make the game appealing to newer audience. Simply put, the title has successfully managed to capture the very hearts of fans - be it new or old.

Add to the aforementioned the fact that Final Fantasy XV is deeply established in contemporary culture. But despite that, it dares to project a rather different idea or path. It should be noted that the series in the span of years have tried to veer away from the usual traits it's known for. Why? Well, that's because the developers want to reach more and newer audience.

Another factor that gave Final Fantasy XV a huge boost is its shift towards the West. This is primarily due to the Japanese market being entirely focused on mobile gaming. While it can't be generalized, it's still safe to say that the majority is. By shifting its focus on a newer market, it allowed the series to open itself to a new opportunity. Because if not, the game's success today would've been impossible.

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