Here's Why Spring Is The Right Time For Pokemon GO Gen 2 To Arrive

Gen 2's arrival isn't something that's new to the whole Pokemon GO community. Heck, most fans are even tired of waiting. Because seriously, it's been weeks or months and yet there's no official sighting of these creatures. Apparently, a recently released patch seems to pinpoint its forthcoming. And in one way or another, it's appears to be on spring.

According to Forbes, Niantic is keen to releasing the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update come March 21. The latter is basically the very first day of spring. The reason behind this is actually really simple - it's the weather condition. Yes, that's it -- nothing more, nothing less.

It's worth noting that most countries where Pokemon GO players live are almost done with winter. So, in a sense, spring is an ideal season to start a new hunting journey. And it should be. Niantic must, in one way or another, release the new generation of Pokemon as soon as possible. March might still be a few weeks to go, but it should be enough to provide fans an apt waiting time.

As far as Pokemon GO Gen 2 is concerned, players have been looking forward to this. The studio has already confirmed its existence. The only catch, however, is until now it's yet to be in the game. Releasing these creatures will also give the community a new reason to go out. It's like they're not only enjoying the new weather, but they're also experiencing the thrill of owning new speices.

As of this writing, Niantic hasn't give out any official word regarding Pokemon GO Gen 2. It's either the update will arrive sooner or prior to the aforementioned date. Either way, it can't be denied that lots of players are enthusiastic about this upcoming generation. After all, they'll be treated to a new horde of Pokemon. That alone is exciting thought to have.

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