Crocodile Attack: Man Got Killed While Trying To Cross The East Alligator River

The Northern Territory authority in Australia reported a crocodile attack at Cahills Crossing. A 47-year-old man was taken and killed by a 3.5 meter crocodile as he attempts to cross the East Alligator River with two women just after 4pm yesterday. The two females made it across and realized the man was not with them.
Just after 8:20 p.m., police located the man’s dead body and a crocodile in the area two kilometers downstream. The crocodile was shot on the scene and the body was recovered. Then soon brought to Jabiru.
The rangers will recover the crocodile and conduct test to see if there were really signs of attack. Mayor of the West Arnhem Regional Council, Lothar Siebert, knew the dead man and described him as someone who was very witty. He also added that people usually cross there, including children, but luckily no children died of a crocodile attack yet.
Mr.Siebert said developing the crossing is not an easy task. That requires permission from landowners. He also added that a bridge would be an answer to prevent this kind of incidents. However, during floods and wet seasons, people will still have a difficult time crossing. He added the put the boom gates down. Boom gates just get smashed one after the other. It is like wasting public fund by doing that.
According to the Nine News, Cahills Crossing joins Arnhem Land and the Kakadu National Park. The crossing spans the East Alligator River, which is notorious for its crocodile population. The spokeswoman said that the area is also notorious for flooding and they are constantly giving warnings not to enter the area.
According to the ABC, during the incident a recommendation on the NT government ‘s road report website said only four wheeled vehicles should cross. However the trio, including the man from the community of Gunbalanya decided to cross. Superintendent Warren Jackson said despite police earlier reporting the man was killed by the crocodile, it is still unsure if there was actually an attack. The circumstances and the man’s death are still under investigation.
Superintendent Harrison said, there are signs that say not to go near the water or even try to swim in the water. However, people continue to go into the water, disregarding the danger. Cars regularly get stranded at the crossing, and in 1987 a 40-year-old man was decapitated during a crocodile attack.

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