Diablo 3 News: How Different Will Rise Of The Necromancer DLC Be From The Previous Installment?

Blizzard is almost done with the anniversary celebration of Diablo franchise. Now, the next thing that players need to watch out for is the comeback of one of the most popular characters in the game and that is the Necromancer.

Rise Of The Necromancer Is Coming In Diablo 3

Players can now play with the Necromancer in the third installment in Diablo franchise. According to Mic, one designer in Blizzard revealed that the character will be dealing with skeleton army. The developer said that Diablo 3 will not be similar with Starcraft.

Rise of the Necromancer DLC is not similar with what Diablo 2 has offered before. Blizzard said that the Necromancer will be more powerful and tougher than before. The developer explained that the retro character can now make corpses explode and create weapons using the bones of the dead bodies.

However, the players are asking if Rise of the Necromancer DLC will make Diablo 3 more interesting. Since the Witch Doctor seems compatible with the latest installment, players are starting to weigh how things will be different once the DLC rolls out.

How Did The Anniversary Celebration Affected Diablo 3?

The players were ecstatic with the patch 2.4.3 that was seen earlier this month in Diablo 3. The patch allowed the players to access the old dungeons that were playable in Diablo. The patch made the game even better as other players have been discussing.

Also, the players were overwhelmed with Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3. They have fallen in love with the franchise that was released back in 1997. Now, they are currently waiting for Blizzard's other plans for the game.

Hopefully, players will love how Blizzard revamped the famous Necromancer that will be seen in Diablo 3. They have been waiting if what the developer said will be true and will be as fascinating as the team described the retro characters.

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