Microsoft's Xbox One Is No Match For Sony's PS4

Just recently, Super Data leaked the total sales of Xbox One units. From these figures, Microsoft is losing out to Sony's PS4. While Microsoft did not confirm the exact sales figure, these estimates sparked another comparison between Microsoft and Sony's gaming consoles.

With total estimated sales of 26 million units, Xbox One is the clear loser as the total cumulative sale estimates for PS4 units is currently at 55 million units. These figures indicate that Xbox suffered another decline in gaming console sales. Meanwhile, Sony has been steadily gaining market share thanks to their latest product upgrades.

Sony PS4 Sales

While Super Data only released estimates for PS4 sales, Sony released a statement in 2016 detailing that the company's cumulative sales for the PS4 is more than 50 million as of Dec. 6. Aside from this, Sony also revealed that their Black Friday week sales were the best in history. This excitement over the gaming console may be the result of the excitement from the PS4 pro upgrade and the reduced price made it more attractive to gaming enthusiasts.

Xbox One Project Scorpio

While the news that the Xbox One is losing out to the PS4 in terms of sales seem to be sad news for Microsoft, the company has no plans of abandoning the console. In fact, The Xbox Team has been working hard on providing more games on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility.

Aside from this, the Xbox One Project Scorpio is getting considerable attention from fans and it could help redeem the sales for Xbox. This update which will launch this fall will focus on user engagement. This new and upgraded console will be VR-ready and it will also be 4K capable. These interesting features could be one hook that would make the console more attractive.

At the moment, however, the Sony PS4 vs. Xbox One fight might be shelved since a new competitor just entered the market. Nintendo Switch consoles are selling like hotcakes and it is a big threat both for PS4 and Xbox One.

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