Google Maps Beta Now Displays Parking Availability

Google Maps just added a new feature, which would be useful to many users -parking availability. As a popular navigational device for many Android users, Google Maps just became a more convenient tool by allowing users to get a general idea of how long it would take them to get a parking spot. This feature is still in beta but it is one of the most interesting features that Google Maps added.

What exactly does this beta feature do? As stated above, Google added more information on Google Maps and now users can see how easy or hard it is to park in their destination. The "P" icon located to the right of the route overview displays whether parking availability is Easy, Medium or Limited. To make things easier for the user, Limited Parking is displayed in red while Easy to Medium parking difficulty is displayed in blue.

Unfortunately, the beta does not provide a real-time view of the parking availability. It is useful though because users will have a general idea what to expect especially when they are going to a new place.

The Google Maps parking availability feature can be activated by downloading 9.44 beta for Google Maps. The apk for the said beta is available at APK Mirror. Interestingly, parking availability is not the only new thing in Google Maps.

Through the Uber integration, app users can now book a ride while navigating Google Maps. This new feature will allow users to input their login information directly into Google Maps. After booking the service, users can also track the progress of their ride through this app. This makes the process more convenient since there is no need to exit the app to book a ride. The same integration has also been rolled out for iOS users. With the Uber integration and the parking availability in Google Maps, Google proves, once again, that it is paying attention to the needs of its users.

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