The Downside Of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies Will Blow Your Mind, Find Out Why

With the continuous quest in finding the perfect solution for Multiple sclerosis, a number of treatments have already been introduced claiming that these drugs can put an end to the autoimmune disease. One of the well-known treatments for multiple sclerosis is the alemtuzumab. However, a new study suggests that it can potentially trigger severe and unpredictable side effects. This was allegedly the findings taken from the study led by Prof Dr. Aiden Haghikia and Prof Dr. Ralf Gold from the Department of Neurology of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum at St. Josef's Hospital.

The Downside Of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies

According to reports revealed by Science Daily, the study, which has been published in the journal Lancet Neurology, has allegedly reported on two patients for whom the infusion of alemtuzumab significantly worsened symptoms. Meanwhile, alemtuzumab is basically considered by experts as a therapeutic antibody that has the ability to dock to the protein CD52 on the surface of certain immunocytes, mainly T and B lymphocytes, leading to the depletion of almost all lymphocytes.

Debunking Alemtuzumab's Effect

Furthermore, as per Specialty Pharmacy Times, with the use of MRI, Prof. Haghikia and his team has reportedly found out that there is a new kind of mode, notable for leaving a vast area in the brain with numerous ring-enhancing lesions. This pattern was apparently not displayed in the patients' previous medical history. However, the researchers have highly emphasized that it is still unclear whether the unpredictable adverse events had an increased MS activity or whether it was the result of an independent secondary autoimmune process. Study lead author Prof Haghikia added that this therapeutic algorithm could help MS patients around the world who develop similar adverse events under the use of alemtuzumab. Ultimately, experts consider multiple sclerosis to be the most common neurological condition in young adults.



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