Which Overwatch Hero Best Suits You?

Though Blizzard's Overwatch is mainly a first-person shooting game, it tries to be inclusive to almost anybody, and even newbies can join ranks with the more seasoned players in-game - much to the latter party's dismay. A question that some players like to ask is, "Which Hero should I play in Overwatch?" The good news is, the internet is always willing to provide the answer.

Lucidchart.com has developed a flowchart that helps players decide which hero is right for them. Albeit, the chart is more silly than it is serious, Overwatch players can all agree that picking Mei automatically entails that you are "secretly evil with a heart of pure ice."

Of course, the chart also takes into consideration several other aspects of characters, like agility and ability to soak up damage, but players will still have fun navigating themselves to whichever character they end up on. To check out the list, click here.

As of now, players should be gearing up for the Chinese New Year event that is coming to Overwatch this Jan. 24. Two new skins have been teased for both Mei and D. Va, with Mei wearing a red Chinese dress and D. Va wearing a traditional Korean robe. Hopefully fans will be happier with the skin Mei is getting this time around, as her Christmas skin didn't really make people think that it was worth its "Legendary" title.

The event will also be Overwatch's way of celebrating Valentines as well, so don't expect a separate event to take place. Blizzard has confirmed that there will be no Valentines event, but that doesn't mean that the holiday will be completely absent. "Everyone here will still be our Valentine next month," writes Blizzard.

No end date has been announced for Overwatch's Chinese New Year event, but it is expected to go live on Jan. 24.

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