7 Ways To Keep The Natural “Funk” Out Of Your Dogs

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Some dogs have, what we call, a natural "funk" in them. This can be a lifelong struggle especially for dogs with thicker coats. You can always choose to give your dog a good bath. But this could be a hassle especially on busy days. If you are looking for a quick solution to remove the bad smell in you dogs, here are some items you can consider:

#1 - Wipe Your Dog's Fur With Baby Wipes.

Pet stores usually sell dog wipes. However, baby wipes are also gentle enough for your dog's skin. One important thing to note though: avoid the eye area. Every sheet of a thick wipe is already pre-moistened with gentle cleaners, deodorisers, and conditioners. Aside from being ideal in cleaning your pet's paws and bums, wipes are also easy to carry around.

#2 - Clean Your Dog's Ears.

There are time when dog smell can be coming from your dog's ears. What you don't know is, often times, mineral oil or baby oil can do the trick. Put three to four drops of mineral oil in each ear. Use a cotton ball to massage the you inside the ear. It is important to practice caution however, since like humans, dog's ears can also have complications when poked too hard.

#3 - Incorporate Some Fruits And Vegetables In Your Dog's Diet.

Some smells also come from bad breath. One solution you can do is to incorporate dog-friendly vegetables and fruits into your fry dog food. Initially, you dog might ignore the healthy addition, but adding it more consistently in their food will eventually add it in their diet.

#4 - Use Baking Soda Or Cornstarch As A Dry Shampoo For Your Dog.

Baking soda and cornstarch can come in handy for dog care. Cornstarch has the ability to stop a dog's toenail bleeding in cases when the nails are trimmed too short. Cornstarch can also help in managing itch experienced with dry skin and hot spots.

What you can do is sprinkle cornstarch (or cornstarch baby powder) or baking soda upon your pet's coat. Also remember to use a towel in gently massaging your dog's skin. Some pet owners apply a minimum amount of baking soda or cornstarch into their dog's paws and armpits to avoid the sweaty smell after a rigorous activity, especially during summer time.This technique works like dry shampoo in humans.

#5 - Make It A Habit To Brush Your Dog Regularly.

Brushing your dogs hair aids in effectively removing dander, dirt and allergens which can all contribute to the "funky" smell. The more frequent you brush your dog, the more you are preventing all the dirt from entering your house.

#6 - Clean Your Dog's Beddings.

The more you prolong washing your dog's beddings, the more "smelly" your dog becomes. If you want you dog to smell fresh and clean all the time, make sure his beddings are washed properly and regularly.

#7 - Start Brushing Your Dog's Teeth.

The bad semolina also come from your dog's breath. It's never too late to brush your dog's teeth. You can do it by rubbing your dog's teeth against your bare finger randomly when you are both resting. Afterwards, you can start dabbing a dog toothpaste on you finger and start rubbing with it on your dog's teeth- again, this is advised when you are both relaxed. As your dog adapts with the new routine, you can replace your finger with a finger brush lined with a doggie toothpaste. Ideally, you should brush your dog's teeth once a week. If your dog cannot tolerate having his teeth brushed, rubbing a towel against his teeth may do the trick.

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