Donald Trump Will Replace His Android Phone For An Encrypted Device

The U.S. president Donald Trump will have to replace his Android phone with an encrypted mobile device from now on, given the fact that members of the security agencies advised that this would be much safer and a secure handset will fit his need in this new labor as the chief of state of the world´s first economy.

Donald Trump Is Not An Exception In This Issue

According to the International Business Times, this is something that also happened to the outgoing president Barack Obama, who had to change his outdated BlackBerry for a much secure device customized for his position. Although he wanted to keep his original phone and didn't accept the replacement, he eventually had to change it since his security team warned him that state-sponsored hackers could access his BlackBerry device quite easily.

Apparently, the encrypted handset that was given to Obama was an iPhone, with which he could only send emails to a certain number of people, read the news, and surf a limited amount of websites. In fact, if he wanted to make a tweet or use social media, he had to use another mobile device for security purposes.

The difference with Obama, is that president Donald Trump is not characterized for using email as much, but he´s well-known for using Twitter a lot, to the point in which many believe that this was one of the key reasons for winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election in which he struggled against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Type Of Smartphone Trump Will Use Is Unknown

Naturally, the key of changing president´s original mobile to an encrypted handset is to avoid any kind of cyber intrusion, which is one of the most delicate situations that an American president could suffer in his administration, since we´re living in a moment in which hacking mobile devices and stealing its information are easier than ever.

As reported by The Verge, it remains unknown which smartphone model the secret service will provide to president Donald Trump, however it has been suggested that it could also be an iPhone, since many analysts considered iOS is a much secure and encrypted platform compared to Android phones.

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