Google VR Tilt Brush Toolkit Helps Artists Bring Their Work To 3D Life

By Andy Franco , Jan 20, 2017 06:10 PM EST

Tilt Brush, the virtual reality app that allows users to manipulate their work in a virtual 3D space was bought by Google in 2015. With the company's release of the Tilt Brush 3D sketch program last April, numerous 3D artworks have already popped up.

Creations in Tilt Brush stayed in Tilt Brush. Google, however recently released the open-source Tilt Brush toolkit which aims to Tilt Brush toolkit will assist users in their creative endeavors even more. The Tilt Brush app was used for creating static images that users were able to capture to film, photographs, and exported as 3D objects.

However, an easy way to add animation, interactivity and sequencing was largely lacking in Tilt Brush. This is where the Tilt Brush comes in. Users can now tinker with Tilt Brush, then have it forwarded to the Unity engine which is known to be utilized in 3D software development and video games.

"We're sharing all our brush shaders, our audio reactive code, a streamlined Unity import pipeline, file-format conversion utilities, and several great examples so hobbyists and professionals can showcase their Tilt Brush art in new places, on new platforms, and in new ways," says Google in a blog post by Tilt Brush creative director, Drew Skillman.

Tilt Brush boasts a broad range of brushes like ink, smoke, snow, or fire that 3D art enthusiasts and curious users can check out. What interested users need to do is just install Steam then have the app launched after setting up their HTC Vive. Final creations can be shared as a room-scale VR or cute animated GIFs.

Google is also encouraging artists to share their works and hashtag them on Twitter with #TiltBrush. If they like the content enough, they will be highlighted at the official Google VR Twitter profile.

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