Facebook Apologizes To Tattoo Artist Who Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

Facebook apologizes to a Missouri tattoo artist who helps breast cancer survivors recover from reconstructive surgery. Her account was accidentally disabled in Facebook for displaying her work. On December 30, Kerry Soraci’s page Tattoos by Kerry Soraci was disabled, because it featured content that is sexually contains nudity and thus did not follow the site’s community standards.
Soraci said that it took media coverage to get Facebook’s attention. The site had also disables other related pages to Soraci, I Scream Cakes and Kaleidoscope Ceiling, because she was also administrator for this these too. Soraci told the Post-Dispatch on Thursday that she does not understand the consequence for doing something helpful to others. Her photos that were posted aims to inform women who undergo mastectomies for breast cancer about post-surgery options.
Facebook apologizes by sending a message to Soraci saying, One of their members accidentally removed something she posted on Facebook. This is a mistake and Facebook sincerely apologizes for the error. By Friday, all of Soraci’s accounts and pages were activated again.
According to New York Daily News, Facebook also told Soraci in a statement that they understand that sharing these photos can help raise awareness about breast cancer and help men and women facing a diagnosis, those that undergoing treatment or living with the scars of cancer. According to the Fox News, however Facebook apologizes for any inconvenience caused by accidentally removing the posted photos. And explained that the Facebook team process millions of reports each week, and they occasionally commit mistakes.
Soraci started doing the tattoo art for breast cancer survivors for a few years ago. And she has devoted most of her time to it. She said that she was moved by a Client Friday Morning. Patients undergoing reconstructive surgery leaves scars, Soraci work is one of the options they could choose to recover the confidence they might have lost because of the scars left by cancer. However Facebook apologizes for this error, they understand the importance of awareness and Facebook acted accordingly to mend the inconvenience caused to Soraci.

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