Samsung Files Patent For 'Galaxy S8' Name As More Leaks Surface

As if the world needed confirmation, Samsung has filed a patent for the 'Galaxy S8' name.

While it may be completely obvious to many that Samsung will be releasing a device called Galaxy S8 real soon, the patent filing is still necessary for trademark purposes.

The patent was filed on Jan. 12 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is sure to be granted anytime soon as Samsung has used the Galaxy number since 2009. Though the patent confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S8, it did not show any specific details about the much-awaited smartphone from the Korean conglomerate.

With nothing new on the detail front coming from the patent, fans and tech watchers eagerly awaiting the Galaxy S8 will have to be contented with recent leaks and rumors.

Fortunately, the leaks show enough for the Galaxy S8 to be talked about incessantly until it finally debuts next month or the month after that.

Renders Show Galaxy S8 Features

Ghostek came up with a couple of renders that "confirms" at least two rumored features of the upcoming Galaxy S8. First, it will sport a curved screen with slim bezels and no home button. The second render showed that the device may still have the headphone jack.

Teaser Videos

Samsung Display released videos to showcase its brilliant AMOLED displays. In the process, the videos showed what is considered the Galaxy S8. This may signify that the handset will sport the 4K AMOLED display with 2160 x 3840-pixel resolution.

 Front Glass Panels

Images of the supposed front glass panels to be used for at least two variants of the Galaxy S8 were posted online and quickly became viral. The glass panels also "confirm" the rumored curved all-screen design and the lack of a home button. Forbes noted that the panels showed slimmer bezels at the top and bottom.

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