World of Warcraft: Korean Cooking Show Recreates WoW Recipes In Real Life

Cooking in World of Warcraft entails a lot of exploring, adventure and fun! Today, a Korean TV Show is going to recapture those moments by creating real life WoW recipes and present it to the world! Is this the culmination of Blizzard's long years of creative and artistic culinary recipes?

Korean TV Show Makes Real Life World of Warcraft Recipes

A South Korean TV show presents the culinary art of World of Warcraft reimagined in real life. As reported by Kotaku, the TV show is titled: "Wow! Recipe? The Meal is Ready" and is hosted by a famous South Korean chef and TV personality, Choi Hyun-seok. As expected, Choi is also an avid World of Warcraft fan and will be sharing his insights and experience about the game throughout the show.

The main feature of the series is to provide and deliver real life World of Warcraft recipes. Of course, some will be tweaked depending on its viability in real world cooking. The trailer down below will show the fans what to expect for the upcoming culinary TV show.

Based on the trailer, one can expect that it's going to be very exciting especially with how one Banana is being prepared via a blowtorch. We can even see the real life version of the Salted Eye recipe which could be a great addition for the fans' next Halloween treat!

In other news, Nostalrius and Elysium has now officially parted ways following the disparity between the ideology of the two parties becoming more and more apparent. Elysium states that it will still hold and support the current server and that they will be using a different code that's "more advanced" than the Nostalrius code. Until now, Blizzard has yet commented regarding the matter and has yet to take legal action about the growing private vanilla server.

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