The Ultimate Cure For Ebola Finally Found, And This ‘Rare Disease’ Is Allegedly Helping Researchers Cure The Virus

For more than two years now, a significant number of experts believe that the Ebola virus has been following West Africa. The deadly virus has currently impacted nearly 30,000 people and killing almost 12,000 more. The World Health Organization has recently revealed that when the world's worst Ebola outbreak began, Sierra Leone had just 136 doctors working in the public sector which has allegedly created a massive shortfall for a population of 6 million. It was found that for every person inflicted with the Ebola, experts have explained that the virus has allegedly copied its genetic material billions of times by sneaking into countless cells in every major organ system until such time that the cycle has continued affecting millions of lives.

This 'Rare Disease' Is Allegedly Helping Researchers Cure The Virus

As of the present time, scientists are still not able to determine the animal species in which Ebola lurks between outbreaks. However, according to PBS, Kartik Chandran, a renowned virologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York has recently found that to enter cells, the Ebola virus used the same protein that has reportedly mutated in a rare disease called Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) or sometimes referred to as "childhood Alzheimer's." Experts believe that this rare type of disease allegedly interferes with the cell's ability to process cholesterol and causes brain damage and early death. For a number of virologists, it has been regarded as a key discovery in understanding the molecular biology of Ebola, which would be able to mark the start of a collaboration that would help in breaking down some of the deepest mysteries of one of the world's deadliest viruses.

Ebola 2017: The Aftermath

Huffington Post reports that the UN food agencies and the Sierra Leone government have recently reported that half of the country is already facing food shortages. This condition has been considered by the government as one of the driving forces which led them to announce official austerity measures. George Quaker, a social worker for NGO Street Child claims that a year after Ebola has stroked, despite the rising economic downturn, life, light and hope have returned to some of the worst-hit communities in Sierra Leone. Ultimately, the UK NGO Street has been apparently appealing to raise funds in order to help nearly 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans.


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