Guess What, Mark Zuckerberg Himself Doesn't Use Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a successful, busy man. Many people admire his time in updating his Facebook profile page regarding his daily thoughts, details of his high-level meetings, and sweet snaps of his wife and daughter. There are even times that he hits back in the comment section. But what if that was all just a sham?

Who Manages His Facebook Account?

According to recent reports, Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of not using his own social network profile. Those daily posts on his profile page regarding his daily activities are carefully administrated by a group of up to 12 people that were in charge of managing his Facebook profile page. Some of these tasks include helping him posts and write his speeches, deleting offensive comments, and cleaning spam.

There Is More To Learn About Zuckerberg

It is well-known that Mark Zuckerberg has this self-challenge thing that he gives to himself every year. And just to mention to a few of those challenges that he has already completed in the previous years, these are: running 365 miles, learn Mandarin Chinese, and build a personal AI for his house.

Though it can't be totally labeled as "staged," the Facebook CEO has also been accused of employing professional photographers to make his pictures appear more dramatic and atmospheric as he travels around the globe, meets people, and does these amazing things. One of the well-known photographers that he likes to hire is Charles Ommanney, who has won awards for this coverage of the refugee crisis in Syria.

Posts Are Carefully Selected

In the recent post of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile page, his trip to Dallas was featured. There, images of him show his participation in several community projects such as planting trees with the community members of Oak Cliff and meeting students in computer technology at a local college. However, despite this detailed post regarding his trip to Dallas, the part where he had to testify in a $2 billion lawsuit over claims that the Oculus Rift was based on a stolen technology was nowhere to be seen.

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