Have These 8 Things Removed In Your Facebook Profile Immediately

The Internet is a world full of possibilities and information that can be accessed with just a few clicks, but is also not a safe place, especially with social networking sites such as Facebook. Here are some helpful tips that you need to know to prevent future problems that could pose a potential threat to your life. Photo : KuchenTV/YouTube

Deny it or not, we are now living in a digital age where anyone can be tracked down easily. And to make matters worse, we also carelessly share vital information about ourselves on our social networking media accounts without thinking of the consequences. Facebook, being a giant social media site has flaws that you might want to prevent from getting yourselves in danger.  

Your Phone Number

Though Facebook won't sell your data, it doesn't mean it is safe. Unknown people can skim through your account for personal details and use that phone number to prank call you or do whatever it is they plan to do with it.

Your Drunk Photos

Let's face it, drunken photos are funny as hell, especially with the ones you can look at and say, "Those were the good times." It also projects an illusion of how active you are with your social life and how fun it is.

But these days, social media checks are now becoming a staple of an employer's pre-job offer hit-list. So right now, you can either delete them (which is the safest route) or change the privacy settings as to who can view them.

Your Date Of Birth

Sure, having someone greet you happy birthday on your Facebook page or Messenger makes you feel liked and important. However, your birth date is also something that is vital for identity thieves to have to be able to steal your identity and use it for whatever they planned to use it for.

Your Location

Giving away your address is like inviting a stalker to walk into your life. Not only that is a big no-no, but also tagging where you are is worse. Let's say you're living alone and posted on your Facebook status that you will be taking a trip out of town or out of the country. The gives the people who would want to harm you or break into your house a schedule.

Your Airport And Holiday Photos

With today's technology, you don't have to wait to process the photos that you've taken on a local camera shop. You can just take a quick photo with your smartphone camera and post it - and even tag it. In a sense, this is also like giving away your location, but way, way worse. Because not only you're giving away you location, but also giving people an exact image of where you are.

Your Boss

Yeah, adding your boss in Facebook make you think you are closer to him/her. However, there are many instances that Facebook users lost their jobs for views and opinions carelessly expressed on the social networking sites. There are also situations where you called in sick that day, but a friend of yours tagged you in a photo with them of that same day out at the beach and your boss just happens to see it.

Pictures Of Your Ex

Oh, the one that got away. So many what ifs and whys. Whatever the reason is, delete those pictures of your ex. It will destroy your chances of finding a new mate. And not only that, but it will also boost the ego of your ex which is something most of us don't find comforting unless you're a masochist.

Anything That "Special Friend" Of Yours Tags You With

We all have that one special friend. That friend whom you grew up together with, but doesn't want to build a career or let alone be mature. That same friend that is still tagging you up to this day with those questionable memes and inappropriate images.

Okay, so you don't want to lose a childhood friend. What you can do to stop this tagging massacre is to set up the "Timeline Review" on the setting menu. Essentially, whenever someone tags you, you will need to approve them first before those posts make it onto your Timeline.

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