The Elder Scrolls 6 In 2018 As Bethesda Is Done With Fallout 4

The Elder Scrolls 6 is probably one of the most highly anticipated titles from Bethesda. The most interesting part here? Well, it's the fact that it's yet to be developed. Sure, the studio might have confirmed in the past their plans to create it; however, it remains a mystery as to when it'll be released. Interestingly, new clues have surfaced, giving a look-see at the possible release window of the said title.

According to Autoomobile, 2018 is deemed to be the right year for the video game company to release The Elder Scrolls 6. This is due to the fact that the studio has already admitted being too focused on the aforesaid title compared to Fallout 4. And certainly, this is the case of the latter this year. Simply put, the company won't give too much attention on the titular title. That way, they'll have the means to develop the newer one.

In the history of Bethesda, both the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises are deemed the popular ones. So it's only right for the studio to focus on the other one, if there's nothing to be done with the other title. And since Fallout 4 has already established itself within the industry and community, the video game company will surely have enough resources and time to develop The Elder Scrolls 6.

When it comes to answering questions about The Elder Scrolls 6, Pete Hines has so far been the most committed from the studio. When asked about the future of TES6, Hines said that more information will be expected in the future. Or that confirmation about this game will happen when they have "something to reveal about."

In The Elder Scroll 6 community, most players believe that Bethesda has already started the development process of the game. And that the studio is just fanning out the hype. It's worth mentioning that in the past, Fallout 4 received the same kind of process.

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