Rumor: DJI To Prioritize Its Direct Buyers Of The Mavic Pro Drone, Third-Party Buyers Might Wait Until March

The DJI Mavic Pro has been making headlines for different reasons. Apparently, the drone has been receiving praises for its amazingness as a drone but at the same time, DJI is also being criticized for the slow release of the DJI Mavic Pro. It's worth noting that the drone has been unveiled roughly four months ago and it was instantly met with some shipment problems.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Recap

When the Mavic Pro was launched, DJI has made it available for pre-orders. However, the company's initial shipment ETA to customers were not met, which made the Mavic Pro more talked-about than expected. Needless to say, DJI apologized and eventually changed the shipment schedule to about two months from purchase. Nevertheless, when the holiday rush ended, the company gradually shortened the shipment schedule for the said drone. First, DJI listed the Mavic Pro with a 7-10 days shipment and then they dropped it to 5-7 days. Right now, the drone is listed on DJI's website with a 3-5 days shipment.

It's actually quite great news that the shipment schedule was dropped to as short as three days. However, there are still people who claim that their Mavic Pro orders from months ago are still pending. Most of these orders were said to have been made with third-party vendors. Needless to say, this still makes the Mavic Pro drone a little too infamous for its shipment issues.

DJI Mavic Pro Third-party Purchase Rumored For March Release

There has been an unverified rumor saying that DJI is withholding its production for the Mavic Pro to serve its direct clients from As per a source, the company has sent a message to its dealers saying that they will be withholding their Mavic Pro production until the end of January. However, the end of January will be the Chinese New Year and a 2-3 week production break can be expected, and as per what DJI allegedly said in the message "it doesn't look good for us". With that, the company allegedly asked their dealers to warn their own customers that the stocks for the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro combo is extremely limited and that they hope that by March of this year, they will have sufficient stocks of the said products.

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