Tom Clancy’s The Division Latest Update Will Almost Double The Size of Dark Zone

Ubisoft has recently outlined the massive changes it made on Tom Clancy's The Division. The game developer noted that these changes are some of the biggest they implemented since its initial launch in March 2016. It also announced recently that the DLC Last Stand launch will come when the 1.6 update will be released.

The Recent Update Will Expand The Game Map

This update will roll out the regular balancing changes and tweaks. It will also include an expanded game map, updates to Named gear, new "Contamination events," a brand-new difficulty level and Dark Zone leaderboards. The most important change in Tom Clancy's The Division is the new areas that will be opened to gamers.

These areas will be in the PvP's northern parts. The PvE Dark Zone 7, 8 and 9 in Tom Clancy's The Division are now available as well. Ubisoft warns gamers that these areas now hold a lot of surprises and are quite horrible. With the availability of these new areas, including the underground and vertical ones, the total size of the Dark Zone will be nearly twice that of the previous one.

The Loot In Tom Clancy's The Division Is Automatically Placed In A Player's Inventory

An additional feature that players will like in Tom Clancy's The Division is that they can insta-travel around the map. In addition, Clearing Landmarks in this latest update will automatically put the loot in a player's inventory. This will bypass the requirement of physical extraction. But gamers should take note that Landmarks now spawn increasing troops of NPC enemies. Those in the far northern parts of the map are more brutal.

The New Update Will Offer A Lot Of Surprises To Gamers

Gamers will really be in for a lot of surprises especially in the underground locations, the vertical spaces and the rooftops which have increased in their sizes. But they have the assurance from the game developer that the numbers of enemies in Tom Clancy's The Division were not increased. That means they will be spread out more in the expanded areas. Therefore, players can expect more of the PvE type of combat in this update.

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