Tom Clancy’s The Division Latest News: 1.6 Update May Come To PTS Soon

There are rumors going around that Tom Clancy's The Division might be getting its 1.6 update soon. According to some reports, this update may come to public test servers (PTS) soon. It seems that Ubisoft, its game developer, is busy uploading certain recent changes in the video game.

The Documentary Changes Gave A Clue

This news is validated by the documentary changes made recently on the SteamDB page of the PTS. A Reddit user with the name seb851 noted that an update was received by the "ptr-prod" branch last Tuesday. Before this change was undertaken, there was no activity in Tom Clancy's The Division in the PTS since testing on the 1.5 update started.

There is also additional information coming from another Reddit user who goes by the name of YCaramello. He said that around the 1:25:53 mark of a Like Butter Twitch video, somebody in the chat room asked about what they should do to prepare for 1.6. The question was repeated by Like Butter for the sake of his fans.

And then he gave the answer: "Buy the named weapons." He even supported his reply with the suggestion that players should buy all the available weapons. This led to the suggestion that players should concentrate on purchasing certain weapons. It could mean that Tom Clancy's The Division 1.6 update will not require increasing gear score.

Ubisoft May Be Planning A Soft Launch Of Tom Clancy's The Division Update

Some believe that this would indicate that Ubisoft may be planning for a soft launch of Tom Clancy's The Division still unfinished patch soon. They based their speculation on their past experience with Ubisoft. For instance, before rolling out the 1.5 patch to PTS, the game developer rolled out several silent updates.

Therefore, fans could expect a similar thing will happen in the next few days. This seems to be the pattern by which the game developer introduces new updates. Once the update goes live, players need only to download the Tom Clancy's The Division PTS client. It will appear in the player's Steam or UPlay library if he already has the base game.

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