Star Wars: Battlefront Guide: Tricks That Will Help You Win In This Video Game

Star Wars: Battlefront Guide: Tricks That Will Help You Win In This Video Game
Winning in a complex video game like Star Wars: Battlefront will require good strategies. This article will give you some strategies that can help you win in this game. Photo : EA Star Wars/YouTube

There's so much going on in Star Wars: Battlefront and so many characters, AT-ATs, TIE Fighters and what not that you need to contend with. If you don't use any sort of guide in this video game, it will be very difficult for you to navigate your way into a winning position. This article will give you some tips on how you can traverse your way into the Star Wars universe winning as you go through it.

Know Your Hero Very Well

If you are able to use your hero effectively, you will have greater chances of winning your battles in Star Wars: Battlefront. Knowing your hero means understanding his strengths and his weaknesses. For instance, Palpatin, Vader and Luke are good in close quarter battles which are usually done in enclosed spaces. Their light sabers are effective in overcoming their enemies.

On the other hand, Leia and Han Solo are more effective in open areas with their blasters. Oncoming enemies will have no chance when they unleash their firepower. So, a lot will depend on the battle situation as to how you will use your hero's strengths and capabilities to ensure a winning position.

Get Blasters Right At The Start of Star Wars: Battlefront

Get the blasters as your standard weapon right at the beginning of the game. When you have these blasters, your chances of winning will considerably increase. These weapons are very versatile so you can use them in most battle situations, not just in open spaces but also in tight ones.

The lightning bolts of blasters are not only powerful and fast, but they can travel long distances. So, you also need to watch out if your enemies are using blasters. They can hit you from above without you knowing it. Considering that Star Wars: Battlefront uses large maps, you need these blasters to cover larger areas.

Target The Weakest Part Of Your Enemies

If you are one of the Rebels, you need to know that the weakest spot of the AT-AT of the empire is their undercarriage. So, wait for the Y-Wings to fire at their shields. Then get below the AT-AT and fire at its undercarriage while their shields are down. In this way, you can inflict heavy damage in these huge beasts of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Fight In The Walker Assault Or The Supremacy Mode

Star Wars: Battlefront has several modes such as Hero Hunt, Fighter Squadron, Blast Drop and many more. But these are just standard battles. If you really want to win the battles of the heart of the video game, choose to fight in Walker Assault or the Supremacy mode. This is where you will enjoy the epic scale of the battles in Star Wars. When you get the hang of these modes, you will develop the skills needed in winning your fights. When your success rates in these big fights increases, you will build the confidence you need to win more battles.

Equip Yourself With The Right Protection

When fighting in objective modes such as Supremacy or Droid Run in Star Wars: Battlefront, your best tactic is to get yourself a Star Card which will act as your personal shield. This will ensure your safety while you're trying to capture an objective. It is only a short-lived form of protection, but it will provide you enough time to do the capture animation.

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