Overwatch Guide: Why You Need Coins And How To Get Them

Overwatch Guide: Why You Need Coins And How To Get Them
Many players of Overwatch want to buy cosmetic items for their favorite characters. If you are one of them, you need coins to do that and this article will show you how to obtain them. Photo : Unit Lost - Great British Gaming/YouTube

Coins are very important in Overwatch because they are the video game's currency. In other words, they act as money that you can use to buy your way into the many intricacies of the game. For instance, if there's a cosmetic item that you want for your character, you need to pay for it with the coins that you have. Now, how do you get these coins? This is the subject of this article.

Why Coins Are Important In Overwatch

In Overwatch, you can only use real-world money in buying Loot Boxes. Sometimes these boxes contain random cosmetics. But it is not guaranteed that these cosmetic items will be the skins or victory pose that you may want or need. Coins are only optional in this game but obtaining them is the only way you can buy the cosmetic items that you want for your character in this game.

Loot Boxes Can Sometimes Contain Gold Coins

Overwatch is a video game that will reward you randomly with items. You can change these items into Overwatch Credits. These credits are actually gold coins that are found occasionally in Loot Boxes. If you find them in these boxes, you can use them to buy the things that you want, if the price of the item is no more than the value of the coins.

There Are Four Classifications Of These Currencies In Overwatch

In Overwatch, the currencies in a Loot Box are classified into four grades of rarity. According to their values, these four levels are Legendary (Gold), Epic (Purple), Rare (Blue), and Common (White). The Legendary will give you 500 coins, while the Epic will only give you 150 coins. Next is the Rare that gives you 100 coins and the Common, that grants you 50 coins.

Now, you can use these coins in buying a hero or other cosmetic items in Overwatch. If you want to buy a hero, just enter the Hero Gallery and choose a character that you want. Every item in this gallery has a price that will unlock them. The value of the items may range from 75 credits for some standard items to a whooping 1,000 credits for special characters.

You Can Also Change Your Duplicate Items Into Coins

A second way of obtaining coins in Overwatch is if you receive an item which is an exact duplicate of something that you already have. But since they are duplicates, they won't give you as many points as the other ones you find in the loot boxes. For instance, rare items will only grant you 15 coins, while common items will give you only 5 coins.

But even then, these are coins that you can use to buy the cosmetic items that you want in the game. You can see the credits that you have accumulated in Overwatch by accessing the menu. It will be indicated on the right side of the screen. However, you can't use them to buy items in the Xbox Store. The only accepted currencies in this store are Real-world money, and not Overwatch credits.

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