Overwatch Guide: Tips On How You Can Master D.Va

Overwatch Guide: Tips On How You Can Master D.Va
D. Va has some powerful abilities that you can use in overcoming your enemies in Overwatch. But you need to master them and this article will show you how. Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube

One of the heroes of Overwatch that you need to learn and master is D. Va. She is an expert at flanking and combines defensive tank abilities with a superior mobility. Her effectiveness in battle lies in her shrewdness. But she is also very versatile enabling her to perform different roles during skirmishes with the enemies. D. Va can act as a front line defense but can also get the enemy from behind with her Boosters.

Here's How To Use D.Va's Boosters

D. Va's effectiveness lies in her efficiency in using her Boosters in Overwatch. When you are attacking your enemies, always position her in front of your team. This will give her a vantage position for ambush. Use the Fusion Cannon fire to cover the area and then change immediately to Defense Matrix when the enemy approaches.

These Boosters will also be a great help in ferreting out hidden enemies. If you are in a strategic location and an Ana or a Widowmaker is harassing your troop, fly in and strike them as well. You should understand that the Defense Matrix of D. Va in Overwatch can also be activated while her Boosters are active. That will make it easy for her to attack a defended position.

When To Avoid Using D. Va's Defense Matrix

The Defense Matrix of D. Va is very effective in protecting your team in Overwatch. But there are times when it is most prudent not to use it. An example of when not to use D. Va's Boosters is when there is no other way that you can protect your team but to escape. Rather than get hurt or be killed, you have to run away. If your enemies are smart, they will bait you in using the Defense Matrix.

When you catch the bait, they will launch another attack much more devastating than the first and then you're all gone. But you can use the Defense Matrix in Overwatch to stop different projectile-based ultimates. This is one of the most effective tanks especially at the last moments of a push. It will be a great help to everyone in your team since they are maxing out all their attack powers to win the match.

How To Use D. Va's Self-Destruct in Overwatch

D. Va's Self-Destruct can also be used to turn the tide of the battle in your team's favor. Use it properly and you will overcome your enemies. Here is how you do it. If the enemy's troops are clumped together, charge forward by firing the Boosters and then trigger the Self-Destruct. The enemy troops will get something they didn't expect

You can also use the Self-Destruct in more ingenious ways. For instance, if you are engaged in a battle with Roadhog, he will catch you with his hook. If in case you were pulled in by his hook, trigger the Self-Destruct and he won't use his hook against you anymore. Just remember that the best way to trigger the Self-Destruct ability is when D. Va's Boosters are active. You need the momentum to carry the mech along the path you want it to take.

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