Tesla Launches Longest-Range Electric Car Secretly

Tesla has been quite secretive in adding new battery options for its electric cars. With the 100 kWh option, the Model S 100D is the longest-range electric vehicle ever at 335 miles when fully charged. This range is greater by 41 miles compared to Model S 90D and by 20 miles compared to the P100D. Model S 100D is currently priced at $98,300.

Model S 100D

The same option is available for the Model X SUV which has a range rating of 295 miles. For electric vehicles, The range is one of the biggest points of comparison. Based on a list by Fortune, cheaper vehicle brands have a significantly lesser range than the Model S 100D. The Chevy Bolt which is currently priced at $37,495 before incentives has a 238-mile range.

With the most recent upgrade in Tesla's car models, Elon Musk's tech company is clearly expanding beyond its target market. With its current range, Model S 100D is competitive not just for electric cars but for gasoline-powered cars as well. In general, a full tank could take a vehicle as far as 300 miles -35 miles lower than the range for the Model S 100D.

Tesla 90D Models

Now that Tesla introduced the 100D models, there are some consumers who are curious about the 90D's fate. This car model is still listed on Tesla's website. However, one publication suggests that it would not be surprising if Tesla decides to remove this car model from its listings without doing a lot of publicity over the move.

The 90D and the 100D shared the latest equipment behind the smart cars. Except for the slight gap in price and the 10 kWh difference, the two are generally the same. With the latest developments in Tesla, it would not be surprising if the newest 100D car models earn more attention from car owners who are interested in efficiency.

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