Watch These Cats Perform Overwatch Highlight Intros

Overwatch and cats - two things that the internet is crazy over. With the former being one of the biggest things to come out of 2016, a fan has animated some of the heroes highlight intros replacing the Overwatch characters with cute and cuddly cat versions of themselves.

Overwatch But With Cats

Thanks to dillongoo on Youtube, fans can have a gander at MeowCree, Chaser, Clawmbra, Reapurr and many more in the video "Overwatch but with Cats - 'Katsuwatch.'" Other than the fact that every character's name is now a pun on cats, the chibis have also been given unique weapons to wield during their hilarious intros with Chaser wielding two toilet rolls and Whisker: 76 firing goldfish in lieu of helix rockets.

Granted that the video only covers offense heroes in the game, there's still a lot of potential for dillongoo to make videos for defense, tank, and support heroes. Down the line, fans could be seeing a Catsion or Meowcy in more "KatsuWatch" videos.

Chinese New Year Event

As of now, Overwatch players are gearing up for the Chinese New Year event that is coming this Jan. 24. New skins have been teased for characters like Mei and D. Va, but a supposed leak has also teased some legendary skins for characters Winston, Reinhardt, Zenyatta and Roadhog.

Anyone holding out on a separate Valentine event on the game shouldn't hold their breath since it has also been confirmed that there will be no such thing. Instead, it looks like Blizzard will be merging Valentines along with the Chinese New Year event; with Jan. 28 and Feb. 14 being so close together, it only makes sense for the developers to do so.

Blizzard looks to be painting the game red when the Chinese New Year event kicks in on Jan. 24.

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