WikiLeaks vs The White House: Julian Assange Wants To Publish Donald Trump´s Secret Tax Returns

Framed by the accusations of wanting to get Donald Trump elected by publishing harmful material about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whistleblower organization WikiLeaks is once again in the spotlight, this time because of an action that almost no one in the U.S. expected: a declaration of war against the American president.

Donald Trump´s Adviser Confessed That He Won´t Release His Tax Returns

Believe it or not, Julian Assange´s group requested that someone provides Donald Trump´s tax returns in order to publish it immediately, which is clearly a threatening way to show its teeth to a president that has been characterized as being suspiciously ambiguous in this specific matter. In fact, WikiLeaks´ request came after Trump´s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested on an interview at ABC that his tax history will never be released, getting to the point in which she explained that this is something that the American people doesn't care at all.

Soon after she made these comments, the whistleblower organization tweeted that Trump´s breach of promise regarding this issue is even more gratuitous than Hillary Clinton´s concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts, which is definitely something almost unthinkable for everyone who thought that WikiLeaks was a Trump´s ally.

WikiLeaks Tweeted That Trump Is Worse Than Clinton

Actually, many considers that saying that Trump´s lack of transparency on his funds is worse than Clinton´s behavior, is something quite harmful to the president, considering the terrible image that WikiLeaks made about the Democratic candidate during the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. These actions were made by publishing classified material from John Podesta´s emails.

What seems worse about Conway´s comments is not the fact that several polls reveals that the American people do care about Donald Trump´s tax history, is actually that the president is breaking his campaign promise of doing this, and is actually breaking a tradition that has lost since 1976, in which every single U.S. president has provided this information. Although this was an unexpected scenario, it seems that WikiLeaks will turn into Trump´s worst enemy during his administration.

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