Check Out These Top 10 Paid iPhone And iPad Apps That Are Free On A Limited Time

Here is a list of the best normally paid iPhone and iPad apps this week that you should definitely check on. Scroll down to see if any of these apps suits to your liking or interest:

Spy for Instagram

This app normally costs $0.99. What this app does, it gives the user information regarding who subscribed and unsubscribed from their Instagram account.


The price of this app is normally $0.99. This app is simply an Emoji-Singlish transformer keyboard. Try it, they are super cute.


Just like the first two apps, this app also normally costs $0.99. This app writes a large number of random data files into the flash memory of the user's iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch in which it overwrites any recently deleted data. Take this for example; in case someone is trying to recover the deleted files on your device, they won't be that successful is recovering all of them.

Legend Wars

Another normally paid app worth $0.99. This game app is the successor to the Legendary Wars game app. It is about building massive armies to destroy the undead forces of the Netherworld.

Favorite Contacts Launcher Lite

Again, this also is normally paid as $0.99. This app gives the user quick access to their favorite contact numbers on their iPhone. It supports calling, message, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, FaceTime, FaceTime audio, Skype, and Facebook messenger.


This app normally costs $4.99. What does it do? It literally gives the user access to a million music files for free.

Active Voice

The original price of this app is $3.99. This app allows the user to send messages and emails through voice commands. It also supports a number of languages.

Nanotech Notes

This app's original price tag is $2.99. What this app does is; it offers the user a simple but effective way to take down notes and sketch out quick ideas and concepts. This is really helpful for engineering students and art students. Try it, you will find it surprisingly helpful.

Jupiter Journals

The normal price of this app is $4.99. Love writing diaries? Well, this app provides the user a clean and elegant way to let you jot down personal thoughts or take notes without any complication or bloat.


Normally, this app costs $0.99. Essentially, this app checks the user device's iOS compatibility.

Personal Keyboard

This app also costs $0.99. With this app, you can create your own keyboard layout and even personalize it.

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