Could United States Still Hide Evidence Of Alien Existence?

President Obama Asked About Aliens On Ellen Show
President Obama was thrown off guard when asked if he knew anything about aliens by a little girl. He is quoted as saying "We haven't made DIRECT contact with aliens, yet." meaning he knows they exist.
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A former White House chief of staff has sent the "strongest a distress signal" that aliens exist and the US Government has been covering the entire story for fear of how the public would react.

John Podesta, campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House, has lifted UFO disclosure campaigners with a series of shocking answers to questions from a TV reporter. Podesta was formerly an adviser to President Barack Obama and he's the chief of staff to President Bill Clinton.

One Of The Critical Issues Of Our Time

In a discussion with CNN, he stressed out, it was time for the government to "release any evidence it has about the presence of alien life forms from outer space." He said: "The US government could do a much better job in responding in quite many legitimate questions that people have about what's going on with unidentified aerial phenomena."

He was then asked straight, if he had seen evidence of alien visits while working for President Clinton, and gave a series of carefully-worded replies which have left UFO campaigners thunderstruck. He said: "That's for the public to critic once they've seen all the evidence that the US government has. When asked if he believed in extra-terrestrials, he added with a smile: "There are a lot of worlds out there. "The American people, I think, can handle the truth."

Last month, it was evealed how Bill and Hillary Clinton had spent several years trying to get the government to reveal UFO files in the mid-90s, at the request of powerful business tycoon Laurence Rockefeller. But the Rockefeller Ingenuity, as it became known, strangely stopped without success in 1996.

Theory That Upholds The Truth, Might Be In Reserve

The couple and Mr Podesta have been suspected by the Paradigm Research Group, which lobbies the White House for full disclosure, of declining to speak of the initiative or why it was unsuccessful ever since. But since January this year camp Clinton has been making noises about the release of such files and more transparency about the secretive Area 51 top-secret military base.

In January Mrs Clinton said she wanted to open on what is happening at the shadowy facility in Nevada, where UFO comparatists believe evidence of alien technology is hidden away. Answering to questions about UFOs during an interview in New Hampshire, she said: "I am going to find the underlying truth of it."

Temperatures raised another notch last month when her most trusted advisor Mr Podesta reiterated her commitment to release top-secret UFO files to the world if elected. Mr Podesta added in the latest interview that if Mrs Clinton is elected, "she'll ask for as many records about Area 51 in Nevada as the US government has to be declassified."

He said: "I think that's a vow that she intends to keep and that I aim to hold her to." Russell Calka of the exploration group said it was the sturdiest signal so far from a senior official that aliens exist. He said: "He mostly tells the world that aliens are real and the data are real without ever in a straight word, saying anything."

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