Pokemon Go Guide: How To Deal Extra Damage During Gym Battle

Recently, Pokemon Go fans have started exploring the game for certain peculiarities with the double power up bug. In addition, they are wondering if there is a way to gain extra damage during gym battle.

According to the report from Otakukart, the situation is possible as some adventurous players have conducted an investigation and discovered a possible bug in the mechanism of Pokemon Go's gym battle. The report mentions that during gym battle, most of the players normally unleash the charge move when the charge bar is full.

Apparently, it was suggested that players should try tapping the screen using the index finger while performing a charge move. As a result, it will enable the Pokemon to perform a quick move while the animation for the charge move starts. Based on the report, this might probably allow a few quick attacks before the charge attack is unleashed.

To make this trick work, just press and hold the screen with one finger then quickly press once using another finger. For players who are having trouble regarding their DPS during gym battles, this trick might be a great help on improving the damage dealt per second. Additionally, this is very effective to Pokemon such as Vaporeon having Aqua Tail as its charge move. Meanwhile, it worth noting that this trick might not work to all Pokemon Go players. However, giving it a shot will not cost any consequences.

On other news, an unofficial Mewtwo Event concept has been leaked online. If Niantic would consider hosting the said event, this will make the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo accessible to all Pokemon Go players. However, there are no further confirmation regarding the Pokemon Go's upcoming event yet. As of now, players are suggested to wait for Niantic's official announcement which is expected to arrive sometime around next week.


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