Breast Cancer Prevention: Women With High Breast Density Are More Prone To Develop Cancer

Researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia were able to identify what causes increased breast density in women - a key factor associated in breast cancer risk. They also claimed that they have found a a better way to use anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent breast cancer.

Chronic Low-Level Inflammation Drives Increased Breast Density, Which Is Associated With Higher Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer, besides skin cancer, is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. It is sometimes found after symptoms appear, but a lot of women report no symptoms - and this is the very reason why regular screening is very important. said that the new Australian research suggests that chronic low-level inflammation drives increased breast density and is associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Associate professor Wendy Ingman said that they believe that they were able to identify the women who are most at risk of inflammation-associated breast cancer through measuring their breast density, resulting to being able to identify those who will most benefit from anti-inflammatory treatment.

Women With Extremely Dense Breast Tissue Have Higher Risks

"Our ultimate aim is to save women's lives, and our breast density research is helping us learn more about what drives this area of breast cancer risk to help inform preventative treatments," Ingman said. "The more we can understand the risks associated with breast cancer, the greater chance we have at treating each risk and preventing breast cancer from developing."

Ingman said that women with extremely dense breast tissue have a four to sixfold increase in risk of breast cancer, compared to women with low density, ABC News reported. Ingman added that they are at a point where they can identify new treatments for reducing breast density and reducing women's breast cancer risk.

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