You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This! Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawkings Has Just Determined The End Of The World, Is It Too Late?

A significant number of researchers have recently expressed their fears when it comes to certain issues related to Black Holes. Having said that, Stephen Hawking, an internationally acclaimed physicist believes that in the next few thousand years, the Earth will allegedly encounter the imminent man-made disaster which will lead to a total wipe out of the human race. Among these so called man-made catastrophe, Hawking has named a nuclear war, global warming and viruses by artificial means. It was found that apart from these determined phenomenon, certain factors have also been considered to threaten humanity in the near future, and Prof. Hawking said that it's time for humans to look for another planet that we can colonize.

Renowned Physicist Has Just Determined The End Of The World

In one of his statements reported by Blasting News, Prof. Hawking was quoted to have reassured the public that it is not necessarily to raise panic at an early date. Moreover, the theoretical physicist has claimed that doomsday occurrences are seemingly quite low in recent years but a disastrous trial is swiftly rising. Hence, although it is far from happening now, he explains that there is no doubt that this will happen in the next thousand or ten thousand years. During his recently concluded talk at the Oxford University Union, Hawking adds that our reach into space is important because our time on Earth is limited since humans have caused a lot of damage to its planet and it can't endure our abuse much longer.

Is It Too Late To Save The Earth?

Meanwhile, according to Morning Ticker, Prof. Hawking has highly emphasized that a complete artificial intelligence or AI would be the greatest threat may be to our species. He noted that the mere act of creating AI is like developing a virus, which he believes to have the ability in adapting and redesigning itself for its own purposes, and not for humans. Thus, due to our slow evolutionary process, he continues to explain that humanity wouldn't be able to compete to it.


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