The Rise Of Mars Missions Under The Trump Administration: Will It Herald Further Space Explorations Too?

US president Donald Trump has been very vocal in expressing his interest in Mars missions. There have even been a number of speculations that the president is reportedly considering to support a revamped humans-to-Mars program with his alleged public-private partnerships with Tesla's CEO and founder of Space X, Elon Musk during a meeting. Moreover, it was found that Trump has also been discussing matters about the Apollo program and as to how it brought the country together in the 1960s with a renowned historian Douglas Brinkley.

The Rise Of Mars Missions Under The Trump Administration

According to reports, Elon Musk's vision of colonizing the red planet hasn't been much of a secret. As a matter of fact, SpaceX had already anticipated that they could probably launch the first human journey to Mars as early as 2024. In one of his statements reported by David Reneke's World of Space and Astronomy, Musk was previously quoted to have said that he plans to make Mars seem possible as if it's something that we could do in our lifetimes, and as though it's a place that you just can go to. On the other hand, it was currently revealed that the Trump administration could possibly consider inserting a mission to the lunar surface, which is international in character, that will be perceived as a step on the way to Mars.

Further Space Explorations

Aside from expressing his intents on Mars mission, as per Washington Post, Trump has also been noted for his interest in John F. Kennedy's vow to send humans to the moon. Historian Douglas Brinkley said that so far, the United States remains to be the only country to put a human on the moon, and the only country to land a fully operational spacecraft on Mars, which he claimed to be the American exceptionalism. Furthermore, experts believe that Trump and the Republicans will allegedly embrace a return to the moon as a steppingstone to a Mars mission since it's what former President George W. Bush originally wanted to do.


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