Microsoft Surface Book 2 Leaks: 4k Display, Kaby Lake Processor And Extended Battery Life

Microsoft is allegedly preparing the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 as the company is now offering some variants of the original iteration of the laptop at a huge discount. There are multiple angles from which you can view the given situation. Well, the straightforward approach leads you to a frank truth that the newest processor will be better and faster than the old one and that;s just how things go in general. But if you're going a look at the different layers, you can also see why it's getting better.

These price markdowns are said to be hinting at the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Book 2. It is expected that when a company slashes prices off its current-generation products, it cues the entrance of a new version as it is starting to get rid of its old stock.

Surface Book 2 Is Expected To Come With Intel Kaby Lake onboard

The Surface Book 2 is believed to come with a 4K resolution 13.5-inch display. It's more likely that the Surface Book 2 will come with a larger battery with native support for USB Type-C. During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 event, Intel has announced 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors that will be powering performance laptops and desktops that will come in the near future. Rumors are rounding up in claiming that the Surface Book 2 will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processor. Now that the chip giant has officially unveiled the next generation processors, the Surface Book 2 release date seems likely to be imminent.

Surface Book 2 Expected Release Date

Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has no official confirmations that have hit the stands. In fact, the Redmond tech giant has not confirmed its exact release date. Nonetheless, reports have it that the Surface Book 2 is expected to get announced in March 2017.


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