Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Guide In Surviving The Baker's Family Den

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - Baker Family
Finally we will see what the latest installation of Resident Evil franchise has instore for us. Resident Evill 7: Biohazard will be release today and what a way to introduce the very first part of the game which is a guide in surviving the Baker's family den. Photo : theRadBrad / YouTube

Few hours from now, Capcom will drop the biggest horror game of the year, Resident Evil 7. With that said, a lot of fans are patiently waiting and can’t get enough of what could be the greatest installation in Resident Evil franchise.

Finally, it has arrived. Resident Evil 7 will surely be a hit and anyone questioning the magnitude of this game’s presence is out of their mind. It’s been almost 6 months when they started teasing their fans with multiple notes and videos. The very first trailer created a stir in the gaming community when they thought that Capcom and Resident Evil 7 is moving away from their original platform and attack towards the game.

But, in a normal Capcom fashion, they again surprised all the naysayers and doubters when they provided us more hint on the game. What’s the difference between the old Resident Evil series than the new one? Well, there are a lot of upgrade and changes on the new installation which is Resident Evil 7. Gameplay is surely one of them and the graphics or display of the new game is an upgrade on what they have before.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Introduction

The game will feature a new character in the name of Ethan Winters. According to the notes released, Winters was looking for her missing wife and end up in a plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana. He noticed something weird when he first saw the plantation that the Baker’s family own. When he entered the area, a dark, mysterious and eerie feeling welcomed him. Winters wasn’t aware that the Baker family went “missing” for quite some time.

Ethan Winters curiosity will lead him to another world so to speak. He will discover something that is not normal. Upon discovering what had happened to the Baker Family, he will also find himself in deep trouble. Not only he has to find his wife but he has to find his way out of the plantation area where the misery of Baker family started. Will he ever be reunited with his wife? Or will he suffer the same fate as the Baker family.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Guide To Survive

The main protagonist of the game Ethan Winters must need to move quickly in order to survive. He will use his surrounding and the items around him as an ally. Famed YouTuber who is great in creating walkthroughs was able to share a video guide on how to easily survive the Baker’s family horror. He initially walks up to the door trying to find a fuse to put it on the fuse box to lighten up the room. However, one of the Baker family caught him off guard. She then pinned her right hand with a screwdriver then cut it off with a chainsaw.

Ethan must need to go upstairs and find the safety room which has guns and bullets on the table. Once ready, Ethan needs to go back downstairs and kill the girl who attacked him. Due to multiple wounds Ethan will wake up with the presence of the Baker family. He will then need to look for a key which is situated in the same room. Once he has the key, he needs to look for an escape/trap door. If successful, you will find yourself in an underground which will lead to another room. This room is suitable for Ethan to recuperate and survive the first part of the horror.

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