NBA 2K17: NBA All Star Trailer Released, New Badge Coming Soon?

NBA 2K17 Official NBA All Star 2017 Starters Trailer
NBA 2K17 is the real deal when it comes to sports gaming. No offense to NFL Madden 17, FIFA 17 or even WWE 2K17. Just the other day, 2K Sports released an updated knowledge base on how to resolve connectivity issues on the game. Today, they've released a new trailer about NBA All Star game. Photo : GameTrailers / YouTube

NBA All-Star Game is just around the corner and it is very fitting that the developers of the game(2K Sports)to released a trailer of the much-anticipated festivity in the NBA.

NBA 2K17 has been outselling some of the iconic games that we have today. There are variety of reasons why they are on top of the market since its release in September. One, NBA or basketball in general, is a global phenomenon. It’s no secret that they have legions of fans dating 20 or 30 years ago. Second, the game is very addictive and comparing with what they have before, NBA 2K17 is the real deal.

There have been numerous patches that was released to make the game much better. The latest one resolves connectivity issues and some glitches on the game. In their official website, they’ve posted and updated their knowledge base on how to resolve this recurring issues. It’s a simple troubleshooting step that usually resolves the issue.

NBA 2K17: NBA All-Star Game

The yearly event where NBA Superstars showcase their talents against each other. It is where the best players from the East, goes up against the best players from the West. The NBA All-Star Game starters was already announced last week. Some of the fans are still bewildered on why some of the best players were not included on the starting five namely, Russell Westbrook or Isaiah Thomas.

However, 2K Sports didn’t waste any time in providing us a trailer of the NBA All Star Game in NBA 2K17. The first five of the Eastern Conference consist of, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jimmy Butler and LeBron James. For the Western Conference we have Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and the newly added Warrior, Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K17: Fans Urging For New Badge

As stated, it was 4 months ago when they’ve released the game. The features and updates that we can see right now in NBA 2K17 are the latest. Some fans are requesting for other badges to be added in the game specifically a “triple-doubler." Due to the recent changes in NBA rules, players tend to have triple double at ease. No disrespect to the NBA players but it is what it is. Triple Doubler badge will identify a player who is capable of getting those stats, night in and night out. A primary example would be the beast from Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook.

Another Badge was raised by the gaming community and they want to call it as the “hustle” badge. For those who are not familiar with the word hustle in the game, please don’t be mistaken about it with someone who knows how to get money from others. Hustle player in the game means that the player will do anything to save a possession or will do anything to win the game.

Those are just a few badge that NBA 2K17 fans want to see in the game and hopefully, they can still add it. If not however, they can introduce those requested badges in NBA 2K18.

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