Get A Chance To Win The Honor 6X For Free Right Now

Honor 6X
Honor USA and Android Authority have teamed up to give their fans a chance to get the Honor 6X for free. As to how to join the contest, a brief explanation of the steps and ways to win are listed here. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

The Honor USA has teamed up with the YouTube channel, Android Authority to conduct an international giveaway contest with the Honor 6X as the prize.

Normally, the price of the Honor 6X is $250, but contestants have a chance to win it for free and receive it next week. How to join? Well, we got the steps and instructions here covered. 

Joining The Contest

The first step is to go the contest page which is linked to the video description below the YouTube video featuring this international giveaway contest. From there you can either check out all the information regarding the site and contest or just go directly to the contest widget where you will have to log-in to and can finally get started racking up those points.

The Options

There are a number of ways to earn points to increase your chance of getting the Honor 6X. The first option is to tweet about the Honor 6X giveaway on Twitter that can earn you 2 contest entries. There is a catch because you can only do this once a day for a maximum grand total of 14 contest entries that is available.

The second option is to visit the Honor USA page on Facebook which can give you 4 contest entries. The great thing about this is you don't have to toss them a like, but nevertheless, it is a good way to keep up with the latest news regarding the Honor USA's promotions and announcements.

The third option is to follow Honor USA on Twitter which can give you 5 easy contest entries. Just like its Facebook page, this is also a good thing to keep up with what they are doing. You can even toss them a question or two if you want and they will most likely glad to answer it.

The fourth option is to subscribe to the Honor USA's YouTube channel. Subscribing to them can earn you 5 contest entries. Checking out their channel, you make find that there are only a number of videos there. However, given how Honor is getting more and more popular, it won't be long that they will be posting more videos sometime soon.

The fifth option is sharing your thoughts at the contest page regarding what you think about Honor smartphones. It can either be a positive or negative comment - anything will do just fine (but I doubt they will let allow you to post colorful words). Sharing what you think about the Honor smartphone can earn you 4 contest entries. Also, after posting your comment on the contest page, don't forget to put your username on the widget or else you won't earn those entries.

And for the last option, once you're done with some of these tasks or all of them, head to the refer-a-friend section located at the bottom of the widget to pick up your custom link. The link can be shared wherever you want. And each person that uses that link of yours can earn you 2 contest entries with a maximum total of 20 contest entries.

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