Resident Evil 7 Guide: Here's Where to Find All the Easter Eggs

Resident Evil 7 might seem like a completely different game from the main franchise as Capcom has completely changed the formula and even included a brand new character. However, these easter eggs establish the needed connection from this game to the other titles in the series.

Stevivor reports a list of all the hidden secrets in-game that reference other characters and events in the series. It is also worth noting that not all of these secrets tie in directly to the main series as other items have connections with spin-off games. However, the following will also include very heavy spoilers so it is best to proceed with caution.

All Resident Evil 7 Easter Eggs

Players can find the first easter egg in the form of a book that is in the Baker's living room. Titled 'The Unveiled Abyss,' the author of the publication is Clive O'Brian who is the former head of the BSAA. Those who played Resident Evil: Revelations are familiar with this man as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine actually used to work for him in that game.

The second secret is a newspaper article found in the Baker's estate. Reporter Alyssa Ashcroft, who is a playable character in Resident Evil: Outbreak, wrote the piece. She seemingly established her career in The Dulvey Daily as her report is about 20 people missing over the past two years. The Baker family even crudely scribbled "More on the way!" on the newspaper.

Next, a photo of the Arklay Mountains hangs in the main hall of the Baker home. Jack Baker might have taken the photo seven years before RE0 as the date reads 'July 7, 1991.' Moreover, this is the exact location where Jill crash landed during RE3.

Moving on, fans can read the next easter egg in a magazine inside the wrecked ship. The content reads, '16 years since the nightmare of Raccoon City, the survivors are still suffering.'

The Future of the Series

Finally, the last easter egg is the strangest of them all as Chris Redfield drops down an Umbrella Corporation helicopter to save the protagonist. The iconic character even gives Ethan a handgun called 'Albert' which is possibly named after the series' antagonist, Albert Wesker. One explanation to the whole fiasco is that maybe Ethan's savior is not Chris as he only stated that he was 'Redfield,' as per Polygon.

However, it is still impossible to pinpoint what Capcom is trying to go for. With the ambiguous ending and new mysteries, the latest game gives something new to the franchise. Furthermore, Resident Evil 7 is certainly trying to plan for future installments while trying to welcome in new players to the series.

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