Resident Evil 7 Guide, Tips: How To Defeat Jack Baker In Garage

Resident Evil 7 players will tangle with Jack several times in the game. The best tactic is usually to run away from him but there are times when he must be confronted head on.

Garage Battle With Jack

Jack Baker is the second toughest boss in the game. Resident Evil 7 players though will need to deal with him inside the garage. Once in the garage, pick up the deputy's handgun and immediately put some distance away from Jack. A video gameplay of this encounter is available here.

Pick up any ammo and healing items while on the run. Jack can dish out big damages which is why players need to tap the right bumper when this happens. To counter and avoid Jack's attack, tap the left bumper just before he launches an attack.

Get the car keys located on the work bench and keep Jack away from the car. Shooting Jack repeatedly in the head will slow him down. This will give players a few moments to run towards the car. Start it at once before Jack catches up and takes Ethan out of the vehicle. It's actually prudent to start the boss fight again if Ethan fails to start the car in time.

Players can now pulverize Jack against the garage wall using the car. Keep hitting Jack until he disappears and a cut-scene appears. This time, pull the left stick just a little to the left. This will allow players to miss hitting the pipes and giving more damage to Jack instead.

Ethan should get out of the car before the car catches fire. Players should go to the end of the garage as Jack burns from the car's explosion. Another explosion will knock Baker patriarch down. Players now need to climb a ladder. Ethan will need to pull the trigger once the interactive cut-scene kicks in. This is the end of the first encounter with Jack.

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