Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get The Shotgun And Fix M21

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get The Shotgun And Fix M21
Want an efficient weapon early-game? Don't pass up the powerful shotgun just waiting for you. Photo : calloftreyarch/YouTube

In Resident Evil 7, you need all the weaponry you can get your hands on. There's a shotgun lying around in a room in the Baker mansion. This shotgun, in particular, is very helpful as you can get it early-game, but picking it up locks you in the room. There is a way, however, to get it without being trapped. Here's a full guide on how to get it because (trust me) you need it.

Resident Evil 7 Tip: Swap It With The Broken Shotgun

Go to the main hall (still in the same building where you meet the wonderful Baker family) where you will find a statue holding the shotgun. Try and pick it up to confirm that the door will shut behind you.

Similar in the original Resident Evil title, per GameRant, you have to find the broken shotgun to put in its place. For this you have to get the Scorpion Key, which you can find in the basement, the Processing Area. Open the blue gate and find the key stuck in a piece of meat.

Now, from the main hall, go upstairs and use the Scorpion Key on Grandma's Room inside the Recreation Room. Be wary of Jack Baker hanging about; don't let him catch you rummaging grandma's belongings. In the room, you'll find the broken shotgun and a couple other useful stuff.

Now, head back to the statue and get the shotgun that actually works. The door will lock behind you. Then, take out the broken shotgun and place it on the statue. This will unlock the door, allowing a more dangerous you to get out of the room.

Resident Evil 7 Tip: Repair It To Get The M21 Shotgun

The broken one you acquired from Grandma's Room can be repaired to be a fully-functional M21 shotgun. However, you will have to wait until after the encounter with Marguerite in the Greenhouse.

First, you have to get the Snake Key to gain access to Jacob's room. Head to the basement, then to the Boiler Room and finally to the Dissection Room. You will find the decapitated body of the Sheriff Deputy. To get the key, you have to shove your arm into the throat (gross, I know).

Now go to the attic, which is Jacob's room, and grab the model shotgun. Next, go the statue and get the broken shotgun. You will have to repair it first to get it to a working condition, so you'll have to find a repair kit.

You can find one out in the yard. Investigate between the pair of stairs leading to the porch and you'll see a loose panel. Remove it and look for the repair kit. Combine it with the broken shotgun to get yourself the M21 shotgun, which is more powerful and deals more damage. Though it doesn't have much ammo as the M37, the one you picked up from the statue.

While Resident Evil 7 supplies players with weapons, it doesn't provide ones that you can easily acquire. It's a great idea to pick up any weapon and ammo you can find as the game only has enough for you to survive barely.

Meanwhile, it seems that players are enjoying the latest installment by Capcom. Is it enough to redeem the whole franchise, or even Capcom?

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