Pokemon Sun And Moon SOS Chaining Detailed; Here's How You Can Utilize It

Pokemon Sun And Moon SOS Chaining Detailed; Here's How You Can Utilize It
We finally get official details and a guide about the SOS chaining feature of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Learn how to chain more effectively here. Photo : Arekkz Gaming/YouTube

We have already known about SOS chaining in Pokemon Sun and Moon for quite a while now, but it is only now that we get in-depth information to the occurrence from the developers themselves. The lengthy guide confirms some users' speculations and gives more details on which part of the chain we can expect the Pokemon we want to show up.

When Can We Encounter A Rare Pokemon?

The only thing we knew back then about SOS chaining in Pokemon Sun and Moon was that the longer the chain, the higher the chances of getting a Shiny or a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability. Now, we finally get some numbers.

According to The Pokemon Company, the chances of a creature with HA appearing rises after getting to 30 calls. Remember that your Pokemon must have a move that swaps the skills or that can reveal the abilities of the creature you're battling with.

The 30 mark also guarantees that each Pokemon that comes to help will have maximum potential in four out of six stats. I can personally confirm this since I've gotten some of my useful monsters that I use for battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you're on the hunt for a Shiny Pokemon, you will need your chain to reach 70 or more. Note that the guide here says that the chances are still slim even though it increased. It's recommended to complete the Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex first and get the Shiny Charm, which increases the chances of seeing a wild Shiny.

Get Better At SOS Chaining

For this to work, you have to be careful not to break the chain. There should always be one standing Pokemon to call an ally, so you best not make it faint. The best way to do this is not to use moves that will inflict a status condition like Frozen, Asleep, Poisoned or Paralysis. Note that a creature usually calls for help when low on HP.

For this, the moves False Swipe and Hold Back are recommended. Moves like Unnerve, Intimidate or Pressure Abilities are also useful in getting a Pokemon to call an ally. If your opponent has low HP and still hasn't used SOS, use moves like Growl and Protect that don't deal damage.

Use The Adrenaline Orb Effectively

You can buy the Adrenaline Orb for 300P at any Poke Mart in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but first you have to clear the third trial. Use it in an SOS battle to increase the chances of your opponent calling for help. You can use it more than once but doing so won't further increase the SOS rate. You can do it, though, to pass a turn. Don't worry as only one Orb will be deducted from your inventory no matter how many items you use it in a battle.

Break The Chain When You Get What You Want

You can't catch a Pokemon when you are battling more than one, so you have to knock out the one you don't want and at the same time, make sure that the remaining one won't call for help anymore. You can use the moves stated above to freeze or make it fall asleep to keep it quiet. Use Spore or Thunder Wave to break a chain.

Other Important Points To Remember

For a successful SOS chain in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you must have enough items that heals, revives and replenishes PP. You don't want to run out when you're so close to encountering a rare Pokemon.

Furthermore, you have to choose very carefully which Pokemon you want to use. You should pick the ones with the moves stated above or those who can learn them. It's a very long process, which makes it boring most times, so you have to be absolutely prepared. Check out our Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on how to build Smeargle as the ultimate Shiny Hunter.


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