Fallout 4 Guide: Here Are 4 Tricks To Help You Win In This Game

Fallout 4 Guide: Here Are 4 Tricks To Help You Win In This Game
In Fallout 4, you will be thrown in a world where everything is out of whack. Your first order is to survive. These 4 tips will not only help you survive, but win as well. Photo : BethesdaSoftworksUK/YouTube

The setting of Fallout 4 is terrible. In this video game, you're a survivor with a limited ammo supply and the resources are scarce. Your fellow survivors are looking up to you for leadership, but you have no clue on what to do. Can you even survive this situation? Winning at the start seems to be far-fetched.

And yet Bethesda, the game developer of Fallout 4 made the situation even direr than before by releasing the survival mode. This DLC patch made things even more dangerous in Fallout 4. So you will need the following tips if you hope to survive and win in this video game.

Don't Just Loot But Choose What You Will Scavenge

You can only carry so much so it's impossible for you to just pick up each item in Fallout 4 that you come across. Therefore, you will need to choose the items that you may pick up. In this kind of situation, you need to travel fast or your enemies will be able to track you down and boom - you're a goner.

To help you determine which items are worth picking up, there's a Tag search option in the Pip-Boy that you can use. Every time you come across an item, it will show if it's worth something. And check the quantity of the ammo you already have because you might be picking up ammos that you don't really need.

Keep Your Arsenal Stocked But Balanced In Fallout 4

It's good to have more supplies in your arsenal in Fallout 4 than what you really need but only up to a certain extent. In this respect, you must have a collection of weapons that use different ammos. Long range rifles will be useless if you have close quarter fights, and short arms will do you no good if your enemy is in some distance away.

In other words, having a good balance of weapons will ensure that whatever type of firefights you may find yourself in, you will be able to fight effectively. You are sure that you will have the best weapons to make an assault or to protect your defenses. This idea also holds true with regards to all the items that you have in store.

Invest More Points That will Give You Additional Strength

If you haven't focused much on strength in your previous games, you need to do concentrate on it now in the latest update of Fallout 4. Being in the state of survival for a long time is more damaging to your health. By investing in Strength, you will have access to the Strong Back perk. This will increase your capacity to carry things. It will even enable you to run without trouble at Level 20 by utilizing your Action points.

Use The In-Game Help Of Fallout4

There are many complex systems in Fallout 4. You will find that there are explanations about them within the game. Reading the strategy guides, walkthroughs and FAQs about the game will also help. But there is ready help for you even if you are already playing the game.

This is the in-game help that you can access while you are playing Fallout 4. Just hit the pause menu and then access this help. For example, it will explain to you in detail some of the challenging aspects of this video game that will help you to be prepared.

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