Fallout 4 Quick Guide: How To Level Up Easier And Faster

Fallout 4 Quick Guide: How To Level Up Easier And Faster
It is important for you to read this Fallout 4 quick guide if you want to level up in this game easier and faster. Photo : BethesdaSoftworksUK/YouTube

If you are finding it hard to level up fast in Fallout 4, you direly need this Fallout 4 quick guide. There are many guides of the game that you can use in this video game but the tips and tricks discussed in this article will give you a better chance of hitting the higher levels sooner than later. So buckle up and read the rest of this article.

Hack As Much Terminals That You Encounter

One of the best ways you can enter locked doors in Fallout 4 is by hacking terminals. You may not be successful at first, but as you gain experience, you will be able to unlock closed doors and vaults. You will discover many story elements in these doors so you need to develop this skill.

You need this Fallout 4 quick guide because you will encounter hundreds of locked doors strewn all over the place in this game. So, hacking all of them will earn you great amounts of XP and will surely get you up in the ranking. Acquiring enough experience will also enable you to hack the more advanced lock systems in the game.

Perform The Radian Quest in Fallout 4

One way you can earn unlimited XP in just a short time is by accomplishing a Radiant quest. This quest is given by the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4. If you have completed some of their quests, you will be given access to their airship called Prydwen.

Once you're onboard, go to its main deck and talk to Proctor Quinlan. He will give you the Learning Curve quest. You can play this quest as long as you like to obtain unlimited XP. But you have to agree that you will assist in their patrol so that the quest can be activated. In this quest, you will be required to kill someone repeatedly, that is why it is called a Learning Curve quest.

Put Your Gun In Its Holster So You Can Run Faster

This Fallout 4 quick guide is a very easy thing to do and will help you earn higher XP. To holster your gun, hold on Square if you're using PS4 or on X if you're using Xbox One. You need to holster your weapon so that you can run faster. By running faster, your enemies will have a hard time targeting you. You can also get to the places in the map faster. If you stay alive much longer, and get to locations in the map faster, you gain more XP faster.

Improve Your Intelligence To Get More XP

Whenever possible, wear or use gear with intelligence. Every point you get while wearing this gear earn you bonus points in Fallout 4. If it's difficult to wear it while in combat, just strap this gear before you turn in your quests. One of the intelligence gears that you can use is the Liam's Glasses. You can obtain these glasses from the Institute during your stay there. It will also be good if you will horde on items that contain over + 1 INT. You can keep them in your Workshop until the time that you will need them.

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