Final Fantasy XV DLC Update: New Styles Of Gameplay Coming; New Gladiolus, Prompto Concept Art Unveiled

Square Enix, the game developer of Final Fantasy XV, has recently held a Twitch stream where it gave some relevant information about the video game. The main topic of that stream was the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, the first FFXV DLC event. But there were also some revelations about two new episodes of the game, which feature Prompto and Gladiolus.

Square Enix Is Revealing Its Plans For The Game

It appears that with this stream, the game developer of Final Fantasy XV is showing its many plans for the DLC expansion and its content. Director Hajime Tabata also unveiled a brand new expansion that is being developed. He hinted that it will enhance the current gameplay of FFXV.

There Will Be Two New Episodes In Final Fantasy XV

The idea behind the Episode Prompto and Episode Gladiolus in Final Fantasy XV were also discussed in the stream. A concept art for the two episodes was also unveiled. It portrayed Prompto approaching a huge mech in a field of snow and Gladiolus facing a big golem-like beast. It is interesting that there was no mention made about Ignis in the stream.

Some believe that Episode Prompto will start after he fell from the train and wandered in Niflheim before being captured. It can be recalled that there were enterprising players who were able to find a way to glitch through the tracks. They were able to explore vast tracks of open spaces in Niflheim that were not available in Final Fantasy XV before.

As for Episode Gladiolus, the time setting may take place in the main story. Some say this is obvious since he left the party supposedly to take care of some business. Another character has replaced him in Final Fantasy XV while he was absent.

Will There Be A New Multiplayer Mode?

Director Tabata also stated in a recent Famitsu interview that they will evolve the game more and more. He said that the evolution of Final Fantasy XV will affect its very foundations. Fans have also been informed that there will be a new multiplayer gameplay mode in the game. This will be part of the expansion of the game.

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