Everything You Need To Know About Cachexia: The Aftermath Of AIDS

Cachexia is a condition that is noted to cause extreme weight loss and muscle wasting to its victims. A number of experts believe that the condition can actually be considered as a symptom or usually side effect after being inflicted by a chronic condition such as cancer, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and the most notable one, HIV. It was found that for older individuals who have shown a decelerated or arrested physical growth which is commonly called "failure to thrive" syndrome is most likely to develop this condition. At the moment, it has been revealed that nearly 5 million Americans are afflicted with cachexia.

The Aftermath Of AIDS

According to reports revealed by Pub Med, studies show that the involuntary weight loss or wasting indicative of severe protein energy malnutrition is a frequent complication of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). On the other hand, it was found that the progression of AIDS has also been associated with the adverse effects on immunocompetence. Although the exact mechanism of weight loss in AIDS has not been clearly pointed out, health professionals have claim that it is most likely the result of interactions between decreased caloric intake, malabsorption, and alterations in energy expenditure secondary to hormonal or certain forms of metabolic abnormalities. Most notably though, it has been regarded that the data about the use of megestrol acetate for the treatment of cachexia related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection allegedly shows  its effectiveness when it comes to treating many patients with HIV-related anorexia and cachexia.

Debunking Cachexia

Furthermore, as per Medical News Today the imbalance that is caused by the incorrect levels of certain substances in their body is what's causing the weight loss and muscle wastage. Experts say that people with cachexia is perceived to have decreased levels of testosterone in their body. Moreover, a number of health professionals have highly emphasized that not all people with the said condition may look like malnourished because cachexia is sometimes difficult to recognize. Ultimately, due to the fact that cachexia is usually a side effect of a certain chronic illness, doctors say that the focus should instead be on preventing these conditions whenever possible.


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