Mark Zuckerberg Assures He Doesn´t Want To Become President

Of every single rumor that has surrounded Silicon Valley and the tech world, the most incredible and controversial is the one regarding Mark Zuckerberg´s alleged intention to become the U.S. president, a speculation that has gained power since his last actions, which has been considered as a mini-political campaign. Although he never made a single statement regarding this issue, Facebook´s CEO finally offered some comments about it.

Mark Zuckerberg Says He Won´t Run For President

According to Mirror, Mark Zuckerberg explained that far from wanting to be the U.S. chief of state, he´s only focused on building a community at his social media network and work on the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Naturally, working on this foundation is precisely one of the things that many saw as a clear symptom of a political ambition, given the fact that these kinds of actions are usually made by millionaires that want to run the Oval office.

He Didn't Answer Whether He Would Do It In The Future

In fact, as it was reported in a previous article, one of the biggest controversies regarding Mark Zuckerberg is the changes that he made on Facebook last year, allowing him to run the company even if he was absent from a long period of time. Of course, this was another detail that made any people speculate of the possibilities of him becoming a presidential candidate in 2020, given the fact that there were some text messages between Zuckerberg and Facebook investor Marc Andreesen, in which it was showed a request to sell a huge amount of his stock, in order to serve two years in government and not losing control of the social media network.

Although he explained that he won´t be running for president, The Telegraph explained that when he was asked whether he was willing to start a political career in the future, Mark Zuckerberg didn't answer the question, which might suggest that even when it wouldn't be in the next four years, the Facebook CEO might become a well-known politician in the future.

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