3 Reasons Why The Galaxy Note 8 Could Be More Popular Than The Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is CONFIRMED!!!
Despite being Samsung's biggest smartphones, the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 are competing against each other as both devices have stunning specs and features to offer.

After what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is betting a lot this year with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8, in order to restore customers´ confidence and make an important hit in the market. Believe it or not, even when the S8 is expected to be the greatest of these two mobile devices, there are reasons to believe that the Note 8 can actually be more popular. Here are the three most important reasons.

The Galaxy Note 8 Has A Really Controversial Background

Although it might seem ironic, this is actually one of the main reasons why the Galaxy Note 8 might end up being more popular than the Galaxy S8, given the fact that there´s probably nothing more efficient to gain attention than a product with a controversial background. Naturally, this would be the best exemplification of the fact that there´s not bad publicity, considering that if what happened with the Note 7 was something that could destroy the brand´s image, it wouldn't decide to release this new mobile device.

Believe it or not, even when everyone thought that deciding to release the Galaxy Note 8 was such a wrong move that could actually harm the Galaxy S8, the South Korean giant perfectly knows that the Note 7 fiasco can be the marketing flip the company needs, considering that this mobile device will be announced as the Samsung´s response to that matter.

The Galaxy Note 7 Was An Outstanding Device Despite What Eventually Happened

Even when the Note 7 ended up being the worst disaster in Samsung´s history, everyone knew that it was one of the most spectaculars mobile devices ever made by this company, given the fact, that it offers specs and features that customers loved...before the explosions came and destroyed the phone´s charm. Nevertheless one of the most repetitive analysis that many people made about this mobile device was that the fiasco represented a huge shame for customers because this is highly considered as a spectacular phone that a miserable failure was really sad both for Samsung and for tech lovers.

Given this situation, it won´t be exactly a surprise if the Galaxy Note 8 became most popular than the Galaxy S8 since this will be an upgraded version of the Note 7, without the explosions´ issue. In fact, it is even quite possible that this mobile device will end up being one of the greatest products ever made by the South Korean giant.

The Galaxy S8 Mistakes Will Benefit The Galaxy Note 8

Another reason why the Galaxy Note 8 could be more popular than the Galaxy S8 is because of the fact that Samsung has already done a lot of mistakes with this flagship before its release, which is one of the worst things that can happen to a product. The misstep was to delay the release date of the Galaxy S8 because of the explanations regarding the reasons behind the Note 7 explosions, which is quite ironic considering that this is something that could benefit the Galaxy Note 8.

In addition to the two previous reasons, the problems that the Galaxy S8 are already facing could be the perfect scenario for the Galaxy Note 8 to make a decent entrance and gain a lot of popularity in the smartphone business. In fact, since there are also some chances that the Galaxy S8 end up being a disappointment, Samsung customers will likely choose the Galaxy Note 8 instead of any other in the market.

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