Apple Mac Users Can Get Better Sleep With New Night Shift Feature

By Andy Franco , Jan 25, 2017 09:21 PM EST

Are you looking to generally improve your sleep? Let's face it, we all need that good beauty rest so we can start next day pumped up with energy. Apple iOS 9.3 mobile users may have been ahead of the techie sleeping pack when the company released a Night Shift feature sometime in March 2016.

The same Night Shift mode will be heading to MacOS. It's currently available in the latest 10.12.4 beta of MacOS Sierra for Macs. The iOS 10.3 is slated to launch together in just a few weeks. We still have not gotten any specifics as to when the Night Shift mode and the next MacOS Sierra update will be hitting Macs and MacBooks.

Basically, the new feature will allow users to shifts their display color automatically to a much warmer looking screen sporting yellow tones. Standard tech devices tend to operate with blue light being emitted from LED lighting, TV, computer screens and smartphones. Blue light allows device screens to be visible during bright days. The Night Shift Mode's goal is to significantly reduce the amount of it during dark environments.

According to the computer eyewear company Gunnar, Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum that can reach deeper into the human eye. Constant exposure may accumulate over time and can damage the retina. Age-related macular degeneration may happen from this.

People who are exposed to blue light may have a hard time getting any good night's rest. Blue light may trick the body into thinking that there is sunlight. This would diminish the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. The Blue Light can also keep users awake and alert.

Users may access the Night Shift mode from Mac's Notification Center. A toggle will provide users the ability to turn the feature on and off.

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